Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Annual 'Call for Pictures'

A year ago, we asked our wonderful customers to send in pictures wearing our jewelry and in turn we randomly chose several from that group to receive $50 gift certificates to our website shop. You can find last year's winners here.
It was such a treat to see my pieces worn that we decided to make this 'call for pictures' giveaway an annual affair.

So here are the details:
- You can send me the pictures at info@bluehourdesigns.com or post them on our facebook page.
- The pictures can roll in up until November 30th
- In the beginning of December we will announce the winners here, our newsletter and also our facebook page.
- You can crop part of your face if that makes you feel comfortable!
- It's important to note that your picture may get published here and in our newsletter so PLEASE make sure that this is okay!
- The more pictures the merrier....send me as many as you want! We'd love to see them all.

So PLEASE send me your pictures!
Okay? :)

p.s. The above picture is one of the first pieces of jewelry I sold in my Etsy shop, two and a half years ago.
Crazy, because it seems soooo long ago..... 

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