Monday, June 27, 2011

a surprise visit

Good morning!

Okay, let me tell you:  it's been a long, a tiring and a wonderful weekend all in one. My sister, her family and a couple of close friends decided to spring a surprise visit on us and thus started a whirlwind of fun.
The inaugural activity for the weekend began at the Friday Faire.

How about that blue hour sky??


Well said.

Next up: A Coors Brewery tour. The long line in the sun meant that we were mighty thirsty by the time we got inside.
The fix? Super fresh day-old beer.

The bus ride in....

...and a pit stop at the Capitol Grill in Golden on the way home.

After a much needed nap, it was on to Pearl Street...

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon eating, drinking, laughing and, for some, hitting a round of golf balls at the nearby driving range.

I also gave this to my sister:

She claimed this stone a long time ago...

Off to finish my new designs :)

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