Sunday, March 14, 2010


Okay....I'm back!
What a rough 6 weeks it has been, but it's in my rear view mirror now!!!!!

So, here's my journey in a nutshell: 
- I started having mild chest pains at the beginning of February
-  food poisoning that lasted a few days
- the flu along with my boys that lasted a few more days
- more chest pain/pressure including my left arm tingling and going a bit numb (and all over feeling really just flat out wrong) that sent us to the ER in fear of a heart attack. I was hooked up to an EKG machine that eliminated that possibilty. Thank god!
- the following day at my OB appt. the Doc found a swollen type of 'mass' in my left breast/underarm (where the pain was radiating from) that worried her and so she sent me to get an ultrasound (which I had to wait 3 days for) with a possible mammogram.
- Okay, can you tell that by this time I'm a bit freaked out???!!!! My parents arrived at this time for some much needed support!
- Ultrasound is clear can I hear a hallelujah?? no tumor!!
- After feeling good for about a week I started experiencing vertigo coupled with difficulty breathing, thus sending us scurrying off to my parent's house, fed up with it all and in need of some serious R&R.

So........what it looks like I actually have, is a pulled/pinched nerve under my arm that caused all of this commotion. Sheesh.........!

People - I am ready to move on! Spring is coming and a new leaf has been turned. Thank you for all of your comments, emails and convos. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support!!

So, I am back to work this week and it will still be a bit slow at first. I am still working on healing myself, but there are lots of wonderful developments in the works and I am nothing but excited and positive (oh yeah....and relieved ;) to move forward. I will be sending out a newsletter at the beginning of April and as a reminder, if you want to be added to that list just send me an email at

Anybody else excited for spring?! ;)


Monica said...

Yikes, that must have been terrifying! I'm so glad it's only down to a pinched nerve though.

I'm happy to hear you're getting better and I look forward to seeing your new work :)


Cathi said...

Whew...!! Glad all has turned out well for you, that is so wonderful! xxoo :)

marijka said...

Yep, I had to stop wearing underwire bras because they sat right on a nerve and made my right arm go numb. I've since lost some weight (obviously not a problem for you) and that helped, along with regular stretching. I also switched to lighter free weights and slower workouts to keep the blood flowing. I'm so glad that a pinched nerve is "all" it was, especially after all that scare!

erica@ moth design+luxe life said...

Man, I don't even know you, but I'm so glad to hear that you're ok. Must have been very frightening.
Aside from that... great blog. :) xo

blue hour designs said...

Monica and Cathi - Thank you very, very much for your sweet comments!I am determined to get over this as quickly as possible!

Marijka - Yep! I am rarely wearing bras these days too...they really seem to aggravate the pain!

Erica - Thank you so much! And Welcome!! :)