Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I finished listing the remaining jewelry yesterday morning....

I'm obviously on a bracelet kick right now ;)

And then I headed outside for the rest of the day. We have had the best weather since the snowstorm last week. That winter spurt only lasted two days and then the sun came out and blasted it all away very quickly.

This is the last chunk of snow!! It used to be a snowman that was taller than can see the chunks of charcoal they used for buttons scattered around it.

I worked on the yard while the boys played and then met up with a friend for some amazingly delicious Chai (and fabulous always!) in downtown Lousiville. We sat outside for awhile, but then we had to head in because we weren't dressed for the 80 degree weather we were having! I need to start getting all of my summer clothing out :)

After dinner we got our bikes out and rode out to the lake and playground......ahhhhhhh.
I am so loving this.

See you in April ;)

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CrowNology said...

Lovely designs.
Perfect for this time of year.