Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Workshop and then some....

Here's my new puppy :)

I've already been playing with excited! I ran outside and gathered all kinds of dried plant life and I've been looking all around the house for other impressions I can make. I am definitely more drawn to making impressions of things I find in nature....plants, twigs, etc. But I'm thinking of using some other designs too.

I haven't included any shop pictures in awhile....

I'm working with those three stones at the moment. When I took this picture I was getting ready to measure the bezel (fine silver strip) around the stones.

I took those pictures yesterday while I did this:

I made tortillas with my little monkey's help. Both of my boys love getting the stool and standing at my cutting board when I am cooking. Of course, the real reason they love it is because they get to sample and snack on whatever I'm making!

I grew up eating tortillas, chile (red and green!), sopa, beans and papitas, so I make an effort to make this for my sons as well. Norbert and I always talk very fondly about the food we grew up day we had the epiphany that we wanted our boys to have those same experiences. I didn't want them to experience that only when their grandmas were around!!

We get a lot of joy out of being able to create these same memories for them (have I mentioned how much I love food???!).

I'll be back with pictures of new work ;)


Amanda said...

How exciting!! I've had a rolling mill on my wish list for quite some time. I can't wait to see what you design with it!

marijka said...

I would love a recipe, or a pitch-n-throw description, of how you make your tortillas. I'm a Southern gal who grew up on cornbread, but a trip through TX and OK has my hooked on - and experimenting with - southwestern/Mexican/Tex-Mex foods. (...with lots of exercise in between :-) Thanks!

blue hour designs said...

Amanda - I just put a few new things in my shop that I used the rolling mill for :)

Marijka - This is my mom's recipe:
4 cup flour
2 tsp. baking powder
2 tsp. salt
1/3 cup canola oil

You add and mix the dry ingredients together and then sprinkle in the oil. Last, get a glass of water and slowly add it to the dough until it is a nice consistency (hard to describe...kind of the consistency of bread dough). Then you knead it for a quite awhile (this is key) and after that make about 10 to 12 balls that you can flatten using a rolling pin. I use a cast iron skillet to cook mine. just flip when they brown a bit.

Let me know how they turn out!! ;)