Thursday, August 16, 2012

bringing it back

Life is just barely getting back to normal around these parts.
Besides, being gone for nearly two months this summer, we came back home to immediately hosting visitors for three weeks. Throw in trying to get some new work designed and made and you've got yourself a recipe for fatigue and serious non-routine (BUT, lots and lots of fun!!).

So with the return of routine and a slower-paced life we are now ready to bring back a hoard of designs into our shops. 
37 designs to be specific!!


These pieces are only part of what we put back into the shops this morning.
You can find them all in total in our Etsy and online shops.

And on another note, I STILL have to show many, many more pictures from our summer adventures.
When I am able to carve that time out I will post them, pronto!!!

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