Tuesday, July 10, 2012


My cousin and her family just left back to Germany earlier today after a full and crazy fun week.
We have now parked ourselves back at Norbert's mom's house and I finally had a bit of time to get back on here and post more pictures.

I still have many, many photos from our two week trip last month to share and I will intersperse them in between our current happenings. 
Today's post is our travel through Slovakia with an overnight stay in Bratislava.

While we were driving through Slovakia, after leaving Prague, we were sidetracked off the freeway due to a major accident that had us wandering in the countryside for a few hours. We seriously didn't mind because we were not in any kind of rush....and because we were surrounded by this:

The first picture from this post is one of the many picturesque towns we drove through in that two hours of lazily finding our way back onto the highway. When we passed this lake I hopped out, camera in hand, to snap several dozen pictures. There were several old men fishing right next to my shooting spot and during that whole time they stared at me like I had just stepped out of a UFO :) 
I guess they don't see many outsiders...

And then we arrived in Bratislava:

We left the following morning and traveled on to Budapest so most of my pictures here were taken at night when we wandered around the city.

We've spent a great deal of time just watching,
Eating and drinking the local fare,

And feeling grateful and happy for this experience :)

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