Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Recently, I made some changes to a few designs in the shop.
They've been MIA for a bit while getting upgraded and revamped...

I just re-added this list of babies back to the shop this morning.
The Seven Stars cuff, above, was upgraded to a larger gauge of sterling wire. I like the look better and it feels that much more sturdy. 

The Acuminate earrings have a bit more modern flair now that we run them through the rolling mill. It creates a more rectangular shape to the wire....and yep, like this better, too! 

The Muse earrings and the Paseo de la Losa necklace are now darker.
I oxidize them to bring out the detail and texture.
I think the added depth adds so much more to these designs. I'm super happy with the result.

Neexxxttt...the Hammered Tail hoops are back, as well.
These girls have been around for-ever.
The entire earring is now run through the rolling mill and I have kept, of course, the hammered tail end. Because that's what makes them special ;)

And finally, the Amethyst Burst is back in our Etsy shop with a fresh batch of new stones to choose from.


We just got back from New Mexico, yesterday afternoon, after having spent a whirlwind of a weekend in New Mexico visiting our family. I took loads of pictures and at some point I will get the time to post them here. 
You know that 366 project I was doing??
Yep, I'm still doing it. 

Hard to tell, I know, because I have been vacant around these parts (as well as Flickr's...).
But, I've definitely been keeping up with my daily photographing (for the most part).
I have just been so crazy busy that it's getting ridiculous how little time I have been able to carve for uploading and editing them.

So eventually you are going to get smacked with a ton of pictures all at once :)

Hopefully soon....!

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