Friday, January 20, 2012

Call for Pictures - Winners

We are minutes away from the weekend, but before it's time to check out and celebrate, I want to announce the winners of our 'Call for Pictures' giveaway.
We randomly chose three winners from our list of submitted pictures, right before Christmas.

This is our second time doing this giveaway, and if you're new or want to revisit, the first year's winners can be found here.

Laura's picture is the first one we selected and she is wearing the 'Hover necklace' while, I believe, enjoying herself immensely in Napa Valley :)

Second, is Alison wearing a pair of 'Shield earrings' and the 'Frame ring'.
On a side note, the gorgeous hand knitted scarf she is wearing in this picture, is her own creation.
(Knitting is one of the skills I would love to tackle one day...)

And the last picture chosen is from another fabulous customer, Rheanon, wearing the 'Spotted ring'.

Thank you SO MUCH for those of you who sent us pictures!
It really is such a thrill to be able to see our work out there in the world.

Each winner will be sent an email soon with all the gift certificate details!

And on that note...have a fantastic weekend.

p.s. The upcoming shop update will include 33 new designs.
I just finished them this afternoon. Phew!
Next up: photographing them all!!

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