Wednesday, October 27, 2010

THE season

I freaking love fall.
I really, really do.
I love the clothes: the sweaters, boots, cords,'s all so cozy.
I drink tons of teas throughout the year (and some coffee....still have to limit the stuff), but I definitely bump it up even more around now.

Pumpkin patch season.....

Look at that scary looking thing in the background!

The boys were so excited to pick a pumpkin each to put on our porch.
And they lasted a whole 4 days until:

We have a rather large squirrel and rabbit population that lives around our house.
I tried spraying them with hairspray, which I heard keeps the critters at bay, but that did NOTHING to keep the sneaky little things from burrowing in and completely devouring the inside. Last year the little thieves even took off with one of my mini pumpkins! Just completely swiped it.

So I need to head into my studio now to finish up some orders. I recently purchased some GORGEOUS stones and I can't wait to get those puppies set. I will have a shop update next week instead so that I can have extra time to add this new work in.

Have a great day :)

I'm off.........

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