Sunday, May 18, 2014

New Work - Spring 2014

Here is the preview of my new designs that I have been sketching and chipping away at for months and months! So happy and relieved to finally release them into the world.~

IMG_4742 IMG_5520 IMG_5191 IMG_5432 IMG_5164 IMG_5420 IMG_4688 IMG_5424 IMG_4650 IMG_5473 IMG_5394 IMG_4661 IMG_5466 IMG_5063 IMG_5491 IMG_5120 IMG_5363 IMG_5102 IMG_5443 IMG_5548-Edit IMG_5130 IMG_5251 IMG_5471 IMG_5243 IMG_5411 IMG_5226 IMG_4780 IMG_5461-Edit IMG_4904 IMG_5384 IMG_4945 IMG_5346 IMG_4929 IMG_5340 IMG_4953 IMG_5318 IMG_4952 IMG_5209 IMG_5469 IMG_5007 IMG_5354 IMG_5232 IMG_5415 IMG_4736 IMG_5525 IMG_4763 IMG_5521 IMG_4794 IMG_5516 IMG_4783 IMG_5510 IMG_4812 IMG_5507 IMG_4977 IMG_5309 IMG_4834 IMG_5503 IMG_5498 IMG_4849 IMG_5497 IMG_4672 IMG_5488 IMG_4692 IMG_5482 IMG_4720 IMG_5468 IMG_5149 IMG_5406-Edit IMG_5543-Edit-Edit IMG_5389-Edit IMG_4898 IMG_5378 IMG_4895 IMG_5137 IMG_5371 IMG_5019 IMG_5368 IMG_5031 IMG_5054 IMG_5359 IMG_5347 IMG_4856-Edit IMG_5338 IMG_4918 IMG_5537 IMG_4870-Edit IMG_5329 IMG_4878 IMG_5320 IMG_4881 IMG_5310 IMG_4703 IMG_5476 IMG_5480-Edit-Edit

We have a lot more going on and I'll share that news, here, very shortly!

All of the new designs will start going up tomorrow morning on our Etsy and website shops.

phew! :)

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